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Again in January 2010 a small delegation from PBS ("The usual suspects") went to Mumbai for coordinating with our outsourcing partner L&T Infotech. The professionally part of the visit was very fruitful and luckily I also got the chance to visit my friends in Mumbai.

Astrid, one of my colleagues from PBS, has been to Mumbai 6 times without seeing any of the attractions of this great city. The last day with LTI meetings, we managed to sneak out a couple of hours before planned, and we headed south to see some of the attractions of Mumbai.

Within a shot time span of just a few hours we saw: The big Wash, Marine drive, Haji Ali Moske, Victoria Terminal, The gateway of India, Taj Mahal hotel (inside and outside) and Leopold. and of cause a lot of the colourful street life of Mumbai J

Later that night I said goodbye to my colleagues, as they were returning to Denmark and I stayed in Mumbai to visit friends.

First friend was Carsten, a former colleague from PBS, who was in Mumbai looking for a new job. We had a chat and a coffee at the hotel, and then again I headed south to visit the Chawla family. Rajeev was home, and he took me on a ride to the far south part of the Colaba peninsula. I hoped that we could see the ocean, but it turned out to be one big military installation, and it was strictly prohibited to take any photographs. In the night he took me to the school where he teach, St. Xavier College, for an Award event. His PR class had a project of doing a complete Award event including planning, execution, fundraising, decorating, etc. It was a fantastic event and Rajeev even receive two Awards for the best teacher of the year. Later we meet with Lalita and Neha at their favourite restaurant (Apurva), where we had a delicious dinner.

The day after I first meet with Swati, a former colleague from Capgemini, who I haven't seen for more than 3 years. We had a wonderful afternoon, and I also met her Aunt and brother with whom she shares an apartment. Afterward I meet with Geeta in R-City. She is (very) busy preparing for her marriage in June and departure for her new life in North Carolina, USA.

J I already miss Mumbai and my wonderful friends there J