EM Week 2005


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EM Week 2005
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EM Week 2005

Between 25th of April and 29th of April 2005, I went to the Capgemini castle to participate in the Engagement management week 2005. Prior to the engagement week I didn't really knew what engagement week was all about, but my manager suggested that I went there, primary because it was free of cost.

The engagement week was an ensemble of courses for engagement managers who want to proceed in their certification program within Capgemini.

By chance I assigned for the EM II, which is a course for the level 1 certified engagement managers aiming for the level 2 certification. The main topics of the cource were leadership and negotiation, and the overall level was not very high.

On the academic level the course was quit a disappointment, but on the personal level it was a big success, because I made a lot of good contacts with engagement managers from other countries and regions, and it gave a good opportunity to see what the group policy is all about.




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